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Hi!! This game looks amazing! I'll try it now!!

The Linux launcher has Windows carriage returns, so it complains about an invalid interpreter "/bin/bash^M" on Linux. I've tried changing language to English in the options, but I still get a text box in French that I don't understand when I start the game, and I seem to be unable to progress past this point. I've tried pressing the arrow keys and Enter, and a bunch of other keys on my keyboard, but nothing seems to work.

This's not 8-bit, it's 16-bit :p


I deleted the demo. It got too frustrating. Wolves are too hard to dodge, bats too hard to see and shoot. You die too quickly and checkpoints are too far apart. You also can't seem to skip cutscenes - the credits being the worst. There's no save so you have to start the demo from the beginning each playthrough.

The platforming (boat travel is too slow though) and arrow mechanics are good, the graphics are okay (although too low-res for my liking) -the water effects are particulaly awesome.

It's odd that the dialogue is in French and yet everything around it is English. The menu, this page....

I would like to play more of this game if some of these issues were addressed.

Very nice. I'm interested in seeing how this develops.

This game is beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing this develop. I really hope you plan on letting us explore the spirit world at some point (looked so cool). Good luck!

Love the design, also great design of your page, makes it really feel strng in comparison with other pages/games.

Thank you very much, I am doing my best to make Tikotep Adventure happend